(Scleranthus annuus)

Scleranthus is the personification of eternal hesitation and doubt, to the extent where the choice between two clothes becomes a tormenting task. Life with constant wavering from one direction to another is not easy. This concerns small everyday choices up to high stakes decisions, as well as moods that change between extremes within minutes. This negative state can have a very somatic, bodily manifestation – loss of balance, nausea when travelling, etc. When in their positive state Scleranthus-people are the complete opposite of the above description – self-possessed, decisive, unwavering, they turn their decisions promptly into actions. 


Dr Bach's description

Those who suffer much from being unable to decide between two things, first one seeming right then the other. They are usually ... not inclined to discuss it with others.

"The Twelve Healers and Other Remedies"

Dr. Bach